Wake Up! You’re Awesome. :)

Whether your day started great, or you definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed, here are some quotes just to prove how awesome you are. Take them to heart, because they are true.

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Update: 2016 Resolutions.

Already a little more than four months have passed this year? Is it just me, or so time starting to speed up the more time passes? How have your new year’s resolutions held up?

I only wrote down a few when the new year began. Let’s just saw that keeping up with them have been a…work in progress. Here are the three resolutions I have been trying to keep up with so far.

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A Werewolf Boy: Inspirational Review

It has been a while. These last few weeks have brought about a whirlwind of change. But the best part of it is that now I am on the journey to finding out where I will live my life.

After traveling to New York City for a bit, I returned to my university and re-watched a movie that invoked a question worth asking: What are you willing to wait for?

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