Music Wednesday: Favorite Japanese Bands Part II

Hi All!

As I promised, here are three other Japanese bands that did not make it to the top three.


When I first gave Radwimps a listen, I was kind of weirded out. (My first song from them was Dada) but they grew on me. And by grew on me, I mean that I’ve listened to all of their songs…multiple times. They’re songs are quite catchy but also the lyrics are profound at times. This song is a bit old, but so good!


2. Lamp in Terren

I don’t know what it is, but this band is so relaxing, while still maintaining its rocker vibe. While looking around the A-Sketch youtube site a few years ago, (One Ok Rock is under the same label) I discovered them and haven’t looked back since.


3. Super Beaver

Oh, Super Beaver. I have no idea where the name for the band came from, but I love them nonetheless. One of there songs is really dear to my heart and is the opening song to one of the most adorable anime of all time, Barakamon.


Tune in for a part 3!

Live Awesome and Prosper,



P.S. Here’s an extra video with Goosehouse because…Goosehouse. 🙂


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