Music Wednesday: My 3 Favorite Japanese Bands

Hi All,

Music Wednesdays are back on as scheduled! Today I will be highlighting my three favorite Japanese bands. This is by no means an end all be all list, and is subject to change from time to time. Though I must say, One Ok Rock will stay at #1 forever because they’re amazing. Seriously.

1. One Ok Rock

Active since 2005, this band has a unique mix of rock and pop and they like mixing things up and delivering the unexpected. There is even a cover of Adele’s “Hello” on their channel. I’ve mentioned them more than once, so if you want to know a bit more about them, go ahead and explore.


2. Goosehouse

I’m not sure what to call Goosehouse with their part cover band, part original materials. This is what happens when singer-songerwriters decide to come together with each of their unique perspectives and create something bigger than all of them combined. I’ve been following them for a good fours or so years now, and they have grown more prominent in Youtube as well as in Japanese entertainment. One of my favorite original songs, Hikaru Nara, below, is also an opening for an awesome anime (but that’s for another post!)



When I think of SEKAI NO OWARI, I think of bottled up happiness, which is strange since their name means the end of the world. Below is one of my favorite songs, which will make you get up in your seat and dance. 🙂

You know, half way through this, I realized that this was a lot harder than I thought. Also, I am a walking Japanese band dictionary, so there will be a part two (and possibly a part 3 and 4) to this post. I love spreading the word on these bands and I hope you find a new favorite.

Live Awesome and Prosper,



P.S. I can’t help but feel sorry to the bands that were left out, so expect a part two! Which one of these are your favorite?




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