Lyric Inspiration: One Ok Rock


Here is the post you have been waiting for. Here are a few of lyrics from One Ok Rock songs that are amazing and my ultimate favorite!

First off, the song Answer is Near.

This is a song all about a call to live to live life without regrets. One of my favorite lines is : [死ぬ間際に悔いはないと言えるように生きてたいだけ!] which roughly translates to: “I want to live so I don’t have any regrets before dying!”

Next up is Jibun Rock!

This fast paced song is one of my favorites (but then again, all One Ok Rock songs are my faves). It is one of the songs that I listened to that made me go “Oh, I’m totally listening to these guys for the rest of my life!” My favorite lyric from this actually is from the beginning of the song, which poses a question:


Have you woken up today, knowing what to believe in?

The last song is one that was mentioned in the last One Ok Rock post, but its message is so  inspirational that I had to mention it, for my favorite lines in this video, you don’t need a translation. Just watch and listen:

I hope to share the One ok Rock love, one post at a time. Also, I’m proficient in Japanese, but not yet fluent. If there is a mistake, let me know.

Until next time,

Live Awesome and Prosper,








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