Music Inspiration: One Ok Rock

If you haven’t heard of the amazingly talented One Ok Rock, you aren’t alone. They are a Japanese rock/alternative group from Japan that have just begun their first world tour this year. They have a range of music they play, from the recent “The Way Back” to one of my balled-ish favorites “Heartache”. Some songs are in Japanese, while others are a mixture of Japanese/English. They even released an album with primarily English songs, 35xxxv (Deluxe Edition). Being truthful, all of their songs are my favorites.

For the past six years, I have been listening to this group, hoping that one day their words would reach other countries, and finally they have. As a fan, I couldn’t be anymore proud. As a person, I hope that they continue to grow and spread their inspiration around the world several times over.

Have fun listening to them below, and I hope you found a new band to enjoy!

The Way Back



And my Ultimate Favorite!


Excuse me while I go have a One Ok Rock marathon. Until next time,

Live Awesome and Prosper,


P.S. Don’t know Japanese? That’s all good. I’ll be translating some One Ok Rock  inspirational lyrics coming soon!



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