Facing Fears

Here is a video to brighten up your day. 🙂


In life, there is always a bit of fear holding people back from what they want to do. One of the best things to keep in mind is that while everyone makes mistakes, there is always room to grow. You potential is limitless.

Live Awesome and Prosper,



Youtube Inspiration: Shameless Maya

Here we go again with another Youtube Inspiration post! This week, I’m showing you the amazing, fabulous, Shameless Maya. I have been following Maya from the very beginning of her channel.

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Youtube Inspiration: Lavendaire

I have a secret.

I am obsessed with YouTube. More precisely, any YouTuber that strikes me as inspirational and causes me to binge on their videos like binging on Netflix videos. In order to share my love for all of these amazing people who put themselves out there, I’m going to introduce them each week.

Lavendaire, a.k.a. Aileen, a wonderful singer-songwriter that focuses on personal growth, has been on my subscribe list for a while now. Here are a few of my favorite videos that have influenced me so far. Enjoy!



I’m just spreading the word on this amazing inspirational person!

Live Awesome and Prosper,


Music Inspiration: One Ok Rock

If you haven’t heard of the amazingly talented One Ok Rock, you aren’t alone. They are a Japanese rock/alternative group from Japan that have just begun their first world tour this year. They have a range of music they play, from the recent “The Way Back” to one of my balled-ish favorites “Heartache”. Some songs are in Japanese, while others are a mixture of Japanese/English. They even released an album with primarily English songs, 35xxxv (Deluxe Edition). Being truthful, all of their songs are my favorites.

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Update: 2016 Resolutions.

Already a little more than four months have passed this year? Is it just me, or so time starting to speed up the more time passes? How have your new year’s resolutions held up?

I only wrote down a few when the new year began. Let’s just saw that keeping up with them have been a…work in progress. Here are the three resolutions I have been trying to keep up with so far.

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