Movie Inspiration: Begin Again

Hey Readers!

If you haven’t seen this little gem of a movie yet, then you really really should. I watched it (and re-watched it) a few days ago. If you like anything related to music with a bit of comedy and drama mixed in, this this movie is for you.

And if you love anything to do with Adam Levine, this movie is also for you.

For me it was a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t expecting much but a nice movie with songs thrown in for good measure. But it turned out to be a great tale of triumph through perseverance and doing something different than the norm.

When inspired me most about the movie is that the main characters (played by Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo) find something they have been missing by the end of the movie.

Try watching it and see if you like it! If you love it, let me know.

Live Awesome and Prosper,


Side Note: I’ve been playing and singing ‘Lost Stars’ constantly for the past week. I’m such a sucker for musical movies. Maybe I should give glee another try…


A Few Updates

Hey Readers!

There are going to be a few changes to this place.

For one, I’m going to start writing 3x a week now: Sat, Tues, and Thurs. I just want to shake things up and write more. This post is pretty short, but the next one will be longer. A lot longer.

I’ll leave this post with a small tidbit:

The moment when you accept things as they are and believe they will never change…that’s the moment you begin to die inside.

So keep changing and growing.

Live Awesome and Prosper,


Old Passions

Hey Readers!

Have you ever had something that you really liked growing up? For me it was the keyboard. I would sit for hours on end playing little songs that forced my Mom to turn up her soap operas really loud. It wasn’t until I started to compare myself to others that I stopped playing. There was a 60 Minutes special with a boy that was already in college for music. He was around the same age as me at the time, twelve.

I thought, “If there are already people out there like him, then why should I even bother?” So I stopped.

Each day I would stare at my keyboard, still marked with color coordinated tape for the keys and yearn but never play. I let other people dictate what I could and couldn’t do. I let them influence me when in fact, I should have proved them wrong.

My point?

Don’t let anything keep you from doing something that you’re passionate about.

Whether you are good at it or not, each time you do something you improve.

I peeled that tape off my keyboard about a year ago, and have been playing almost everyday ever since. I don’t know know if I’m that awesome yet, but with each day I’m learning something new.

So keep following your passions, and never give up.

Live Awesome and Prosper,


Side Note: My hands are super tiny and I can only reach an octave, which sucks. Who else is in the small hands club?