TV Inspiration: Red Band Society

Let me tell you the truth.

I did not plan on watching Red Band Society this week.

Sure, I was going to watch it eventually. I had it set on my DVR. the night of September 17, I planned on tucking in early for the night. My computer was off. I made a batch of chamomile tea. It was raining softly.

But I had too. The television was calling me!

Maybe it was that darn commercial that gave me fuzzy friendship feelings. Maybe it was the leftover caffeine that was in the black tea before the chamomile. Who knows. Either way, I watched it. I saw. I conquered. Five minutes before the pilot ended, I was teary eyed.

You would think that a show about a hospital would be depressing. It’s actually the opposite. Something about it is uplifting. Inspirational even.

When I think of staying in a hospital, I think of losing parts of yourself. But perhaps the opposite happens. Maybe through the loss, you find the parts of yourself that you didn’t know was there.

In some ways it was exactly what I expected. In other ways I was pleasantly surprised. It doesn’t matter because I’m tuning in next week.

Have you guys seen it? Let me know.

Live Awesome and Prosper,


Side Note: The entire episode Ciara Bravo was giving me Big Time Rush nostalgia. So far, Leo is my favorite.


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